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NEED A FIX? We got you!

Hire the best artisans or get paid becoming a Fixitsan( Our artisans are called fixitsans).

What do you need?

  • Hire a fixitsan.
  • Become a fixitsan.

To become a fixitsan.
Join Us
Fill out our form with the appropriate details. We verify you. We train you. You earn your badge. Voilà! A fixitsan.

Hire a fixitsan.
We are here to help!

Post a job.
It is smooth.Whatever you need fixed,give us  details. The best fixitsan (verified,trusted and dependable) will be assigned to you. We deliver in the shortest possible time frame. Fix can be executed onsite or offsite.

Pay Safely.
With a secure payment channel and a team of verified fixitsans to work with,we are your safest and surest bet to get the fix you need.


We go the extra mile.

Excellence in every fix.
We take the load off you by ensuring that only the best service imbued with excellence in every step gets to you.Relax! You are in great hands.

Safety View.
Know your assigned fixitsan prior to service delivery. View their profile and grant access with your safety in mind.

Pay for Quality.
For every payment, we guarantee top notch delivery and client satisfaction with a seven day window for any service - related complaint.

Track FixIT progress.
Be involved and Keep up-to-date  with the progress of your fix on the app, either onsite or offsite.


FixIT Support

We are at your disposal. In-person Live chat is available between 8am-6pm daily. All enquiries afterwards,will be reverted within 7 hours.

With your best interest in mind and to protect all parties involved,all FixIT transactions should be carried out within the app.

Our Reach.
Our team is always expanding and sourcing for the best. Do check out our trusted Fixitsans now or come back shortly as we are constantly updating.